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Don’t forget PCA voting starts today! Go vote now!

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castle + one emoji per episode

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#i’ve come to believe that kate always had a ‘type’ before she started dating castle #they were good people #but they were serious and driven and oblivious to her needs #and castle opened up this entirely different side to her #the fun enthusiastic spontaneous side #it was there all along but those other men didn’t get it or accept it like he does #and he never shames her for any of it #(except occasionally for her love of nebula 9 #because let’s face it that show was silly) #but even so he’ll sit down and watch a marathon with her #and i just love the way they love each other okay? #castle #I’M FINE LEAVE ME ALONE (via castleincalifornia)

those tags! Because I’ve been having exactly that same thought since Sorenson ragged on her ice skates. Castle would not rag on her ice ice skates, he would love her skates, okay?

And he would get little matching pairs for their kids - ones just like mommy for a little girl(s), and some big bright superhero thing for himself and a little boy(s). Even if he had to have them commissioned. And they would all go out together on winter weekends with their silly, special ice skates. And they would be awesome.

Okay, flailing. 

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Pillow Talk

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Castle 7x03 “Clear & Present Danger” sneak peek (x)

- Did the invisible man just goose you?
- Castle!

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This is the moment that destroyed me in tonight’s episode. The body language speaking for everything they just couldn’t say in this moment. The way he leans into her to make sure she’s okay, and that she’s there with him. The way he’s offering her comfort and protection just by making sure his body is close to hers. The way she looks at him, not able to say anything, only able to take comfort in him being right there with her. In the first gif it’s like Castle turns away from Jenny and towards Beckett because it’s all too real for him. He realizes that this could very easily be him and Beckett in this situation, and in the second and third gifs, to me, it’s like Beckett feels exactly what he feels. All whilst their world is falling apart around them, they have to take this moment to take a breath. You can really see how affected they both are by all of this. And I just love that we were able to see them dealing with it together. No words needed, just a reassuring presence of the other. I feel like this is one of, if not the very first time we’ve seen them deal with something this heavy together. It’s a minor moment, but it says more than I think any dialogue could have in this moment. And A+ props to both Stana and Nathan in this scene, because they both knocked this one out of the park. Very, very real emotion here. 

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I've always loved you

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{Minimalist}Questions that “Driven” left us. 


Handy to keep throughout the season as we start to get some answers to these questions.

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5x16 // 7x01

Don’t mess with Kate Beckett’s family

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